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Double-hung Box Sash Windows

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Sash-Style is a website about traditional timber box sash windows. We've been promoting plastic-free windows for twenty years - how time flies! Here you will find information about how to carry out some of the simpler repair and maintenance tasks such as how to re-cord a sash and where to get draught-proofing kits (draft-proofing kits if you're American).

If you are not sure about how to carry out jobs not mentioned here check out our FAQs page for sash window repair hints or email us for advice about all aspects of sash window renovation. We don't actually do any window repairs ourselves). Sash-Style no longer does work on sash-windows or provide quotations/estimates.

Sash window repair specialists

If you're too busy, too lazy, or need someone to repair sash-windows for you, there are sash window repairers who specialise in restoration & renovation and can fix up old sliding sashes and windows or replace them with new wooden ones to match.

You'll also find makers of sash windows, stockists and manufacturers of sash-window hardware and glazing suppliers here.

Sash window timber mouldings wanted!

In some areas it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate supplies of good quality sash-window materials. If you are a manufacturer or supplier of staff and parting bead, sash stile, middle and bottom rail and glazing bar (sash gut) or any other timber sections used in sash windows get in touch with Sash-Style for a free listing.

Advertise your sash window business - free!

If you fit, repair or restore wooden sash windows, or you are a manufacturer or supplier of components such as sash weights, draught-proofing materials, spiral or spring balances, axle-pulleys, sash-lifts, draught-proofing kits or other sash window hardware, fill in and send the Get Listed! form to request a free listing in the directory.


All the information on the Sash-Style pages and in replies to requests for information and advice is correct to the best of my knowledge, though I cannot guarantee its accuracy, or that it is all up to date.

I have used my training and experience to try to make the advice and instructions contained in these web-pages, and courses of action I suggest in email replies as clear as possible, however I accept no responsibility for any accidents or mishaps arising from their being followed.

If you are not sure about exactly what needs doing, or about doing the work yourself, get advice.

If you decide to do the work yourself, be careful; tools can be dangerous in inexperienced hands, and care must be taken to avoid personal injury or damage to property. For some jobs dust-masks, goggles and heavy-duty gloves are a sensible precaution.

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