Sash Window Draught Proofing

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With some basic tools and skills and a DIY sash window draught-proofing kit you can fit parting beads and staff beads incorporating draught seals to your windows.

Draughts are an excellent form of ventilation!

Good ventilation is essential to prevent the humidity levels in a room or house from causing condensation which can lead to the growth of mould. The gaps around an average wooden sash-window without draught-stripping effectively comply with the Building Regulations' requirements for background ventilation. However, most of us would like more control over the howling gale that this can seem like in the depths of winter!

Eliminating draughts

Draught-proofing sash windows can be achieved in several ways, including fitting various types of weather strip/draught excluder or installing secondary double glazing. Draught-proofing kits specifically designed for sash windows are available to fit yourself (depending on your DIY abilities, of course) or you can call in a specialist and get them to quote you a price for the job.

A note of caution

If you have a gas fire, boiler or cooker, you must ensure that there is an adequate air supply for the appliance to burn efficiently and safely to prevent the production of carbon monoxide.

Draught Proofing Kit Suppliers

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